BGX Nerd Ball Donations

BGX Nerd Ball Donations


Why Us 

On Wednesday June 27th 2018, we had the privilege of hosting a fundraising event, a Nerd Ball gala. It was special because we not only raised awareness about our work but were able to shine a light on luminaries Saada Ahmed a social advocate and Rodney Leon an architect. Tickets for the dinner sold out early and we have been asked by our community to allow those who could not attend the event a way to support our cause so we are accepting donations as part of our inaugural Nerd Ball gala. Everyone who contributes will be acknowledged as members of the 2018 Nerd Ball Court. Sorry... we really are nerdy. Looking forward to 2019!

Who We Are

Black Gotham Experience is an immersive visual storytelling project that celebrates the impact of the African Diaspora on New York City since 1625 with walking tours, photography-based graphic novels, and signature events. We reimagine the histories of the places directly impacted by the African Diaspora as human stories.  

We believe empathy, scholarship, and creativity liberate humanity to see, think, and behave outside of our imagined potential. Connecting people of today with forgotten people of the past in a visceral, visual manner satisfies the impulse of exploration, while also helping to create a better tomorrow.

People worldwide are at a tipping point where they are yearning for a more inclusive and honest approach to history and society. Storytelling is a solution that heals, enlivens and empowers. And the stories of Manhattan are the stories of the African Diaspora, and the world.

Why Support Matters

We need support to improve and develop our signature approach of storytelling. Our team is small, our network is wide, and our collective work is great. With your help, we can continue to evolve every year, hitting new milestones every quarter. We started giving walking tours in 2010 and currently have a studio space to meet with school groups, companies, and families. Our impact is growing and together, we will make our world smarter walking together.


Kamau Ware

Founder & Lead Creative, Black Gotham Experience