"Sarah's Fire" | Fall 2018

"Sarah's Fire" | Fall 2018

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Sarah's Fire :: 7:30pm to 9:00pm

Length: 90 minutes | Thursdays

Time Period: 1664 to 1712 

Black Gotham Experience | Core Stories 

  1. Other Side of Wall Street
  2. Sarah's Fire
  3. Caesar's Rebellion 
  4. Citizen Hope 
  5. State of Mirrors 

The second of five in the core stories of the Black Gotham Experience that starts in 1664 in the small town known as Land of the Blacks on day two of British New York. Sarah’s Fire is a tale set on the southern tip of the island Manhattan that is home to both free and enslaved Black people. This walking tour illustrates the peculiar universe of urban slavery in a port city with deep ties to the sugar plantations of the West Indies. A key persona in this story is an enslaved woman named Sarah who is one of 29 people that participate in the first militarized Black rebellion on the island of Manhattan that took place April 6th 1712.

Tours meet at BGX Studio 192 Front Street in Manhattan's Seaport District between Fulton Street and John Street; right next to the Broadway Tickets store. Please note this tour leaves from Nerdy Thursday that starts at 6pm. You are welcome to arrive for this event or by 7:15pm.

Train Access: A, C, 2, 3, 4, 5, J, or Z to Fulton Street